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About Us

Our Resort has a long history of offering guests a traditional by-the-lake vacation experience. Located at Mile Marker 2 at the south west end of McCoy Cove, 1062 Susan Road, Lake Ozark Missouri, it is second to none and remains a hidden gem!

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Our Story

Under the new ownership from the summer of 2022, we rebranded to Buddy's Harbor. Works have been undertaken to upgrade the cabins, bar, and pool area. Food and beverage services were added, as well as refurbishing the clubhouse, marina, and store.

Meet the owners

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Oscar Jenkins

A classically trained French chef who's worked front, back, and all the nooks and crannies of the house in hotels, bars, and restaurants the world over.


He also got distracted by 25 years of building and running companies in the tech industry. Wore suits for too long.

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twitter icon buddy's harbor lake ozark Kristin

Kristin Snare

Started her career with Verizon Wireless, responsible for 18 branch stores and a team of 50 sales reps.

Upon leaping to hospitality as a manager for Princess Cruise Lines and Vail Resorts, she set up and ran a Tahoe property management for 7 years. Also wore suits for too long.

Reserve your cabin

Take your family to a unique resort with a retro atmosphere for the next vacation with risk-free booking policies.

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Reach out to us

Share and discuss your planned

trip and we'll make it as easy as

possible for you and your family.

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